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Advantages of the Business Succession Insurance

For the company:
For members:
To the heirs:
Criteria for Hiring
The hiring is made from the determination of the insured capital of each partner, considering the distribution of corporate shares and the estimated value of the company.
For recruitment, all members must accept the conditions of insurance and sign a proposal to be issued by the system.
For insurance to be valid, in changing the social contract must contain a clause granting establishing the purchase of the part of the deceased partner.
The Business Succession insurance may also be made just for the partner who has no interest that their successors continue in business.
The partners must meet the following requirements:
  • a) be individuals (the Business Succession insurance) may not have as insured companies, civil society and participation of companies, as these will not be included in the policy);
  • b) are in full professional activity and in perfect health on the date of registration;
  • c) have been aged between 18 and 65 years;
  • d) are members of a limited liability company, privately held (not publicly traded).


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